The Journey is over now //

This is a hell of a noisy and contorted release, but a quite brilliant, terrifying and hypnotizing one. And once again, Throatruiner Records give away the digital version for free, “name your price” and download/eventually buy the album or use the direct link from Mediafire – everything is there on the label’s Bandcamp page. We all love the free stuffs, but still, artists are also humans and have to fill up their refrigerators, have to pay their debts, rents and utilities, isn’t it? Not to mention the costs of playing music. And well, never thought about, don’t you? – running a record label, helping bands to go on and eventually break through might be done with love and passion, but still, it’s also a quite honorable job and it must be paid too. As I said before and I will keep on telling this: if we do not support the underground it will disappear eventually and we will be left exclusively with the so-called mainstream s*it delivered by the global corporations.

Throatruiner Records and other indie/DIY underground labels bring to the surface exciting and excellent bands as Comity are. Listen “The Journey Is Over Now” and buy the vinyl, nothing sounds like an authentic record spinning on your pick-up.

Nicolas Brillant (drums/backing vocals), Yann Daniel (guitars/saxophone/backing vocals), François Prigent (guitars/lap steel/sitar/backing vocals), and Thomas Zanghellini (bass/soundscapes/lead vocals), the members of Comity delivering high quality noise since 1996 and they like to call it “extreme rock’n roll”. Along the way they shared the stage with bands such as The Dillinger Escape Plan, Converge, Cave In, Today Is The Day, etc and delivered several killer records.
After a demo recorded in 1998 the band finally settles with a stable line in the year 2001 with a split album entitled “The catharsis syntax project” and shared with the Parisian band XII.
Recorded in august 2002, the first album was released in march 2003, on Messiah Records.

Recorded and mixed between Laval and Paris by sound sorcerers Amaury Sauvé & Sylvain Biguet, mastered by Carl Saff, “The Journey Is Over Now” is their first full-length in five years, four tracks, 52 extremely intense minutes.

And now I could write down a few ecstatic phrases about how brutal, twisted, contorted, heavy, but ultimately extremely inspired and at the bottom line, beautiful is “The Journey Is Over Now” – phrases which would be absolutely true. But I won’t do this now.
This is one of the best albums I had listen this year and the best you can do is listen it to yourself.