The journey is over now // // by Spitfire Doppelganger

Review: 8.3/10
Comity is a band that took me by surprise. When I received their latest EP The Journey Is Over Now, I noticed that the four tracks are insanely long (clocking in between eight and eleven minutes). My first expectations was that it will be a long and droning hardcore EP with rare moments of energy. However, all of that was quenched when I started playing the first track called “Part I.”
It all begins with a chaos filled spiral of spazztic hardcore that follows a small part of linear structure, they know how to keep someone’s attention for almost twelve minutes. It’s a very raw and aggressive song, as is the entire EP.
They occasionally fall into different grooves repeatedly throughout the song. This could have been easily split up into five or more different shorter songs as every two minutes something new happens. At the 3:54 mark of “Part I”, it goes over the edge into a very calm guitar part that really throws the listener for a loop. Then back into chaos we go, albeit at a very different pace than the previous section.
“Part II” is a more raw look into the EP. Lots of unconditioned guitar playing and drumming actually sounds better than most polished tracks of this genre. This track secures this band as one of the sleeper hits of the year in my eyes. Granted, the song length will throw some people off, but to those who look beyond that, your time will be well rewarded.