The journey is over now //

The band labels themselves as extreme rock, but Comity actually play a mix of progressive hardcore and experimental metal. While The Journey Is Over Now is only four tracks, it’s over fifty minutes in length. The first track, “Part I”, is over eleven minutes. Starting off with some distant yelling and building up, the song goes from a bunch of frantic and chaotic screaming to something much more instrumental and exploratory. The vocals actually disappear for a good few minutes in the middle section before returning in the end. “Part II” is more straightforward chaos, with the exception of a quiet moment in the middle. It’s the third song, unsurprisingly titled “Part III”, that the band take things down a lot of notches.

All nine minutes of “Part III” are instrumental and soothing, with the exception of some distortion and ringing at the end. The final track, “Part IV”, is a whopping twenty-two minutes (minus one second, but let’s not get technical). This journey starts off on an instrumental build before moving into growls, screeches, and yells. This goes on for the first ten or so minutes, and then things draw back and relax for about five minutes (before then erupting once again for the remainder of the track). Ultimately, Comity have some killer instrumental prowess. However, the vocal work was distant and hard to hear the whole album. If it had been put more on the forefront, it would have worked better. Also, some singing during the softer moments might have been a nice touch. Overall, fans of that technical and chaotic blend of metal and hardcore should definitely look into Comity. – By Nathaniel Lay
> Recommended Tracks: There’s only four here, and they each have a lot for the listener to hear. “Part II” is the only song that feels pretty straightforward. The other three are quite complex.
> Bottom Line: Comity could use some work in the vocals department, but their instrumental writing is quite interesting and developed. The band has been around since the 90′s, so they’ve had plenty of practice getting this complexity down.