The journey is over now //

To review Comity and their new album The Journey is Over Now is going to be a serious of statements that once you listen to it will prove to be incorrect or contradict each other.  The band is a paradox wrapped in an enigma that sparks a hedonistic violence that is hard to look away from.

The band has been around for 15 years and have become one of the few hardcore acts in France that gets International attention when they release something. Throatruiner Records sent this release over to me a while ago. When you get something from Throatruiner you know its going to test your skill, and even will to review music. Comity didn’t end that streak.

Maybe before reading the rest of this review heading over to and getting a quick glimpse of the tracks will give you a better sense of how you can disagree with me. The reason the band is a paradox is because their music defies everything that hardcore tinged with post metal should be, but at the same time fits exactly in that definition.

Take for instance, song structure. There is none, but yet there is. The songs are chaotic and scary. Nutty and technical. Instruments running all over the place till you feel like they are just jamming whatever comes to mind, then you see the method to the madness and begin to follow along to something. How can there be song structure, but at the same time none?

Song length is another enigma. These are long songs. The shortest is Part II at 8:26 and the longest Part IV comes in at over 21 minutes. These guys are pulling off aggressive hardcore music in a time frame that is unimaginable by most bands pumping out 3 minute songs.

The track Part III is my personal favorite due to its progressive feel. Intertwining electric and acoustic guitars once again show Comity has no boundaries in the way they make their music, but you can tell the band has a set of personal rules they use when recording. If I contradict myself anymore I could run for political office.

To sum up this rambling look at Comity I will give you a rundown of how each listen of the album went. I think it will reveal my number one point for The Journey Is Over Now.

Listen 1 – it’s ok
Listen 2 – pretty cool
Listen 3 – awesome
Listen 4 – hated it
Listen 5 – incredible
Listen 6 – gifted
Listen 7 – so so

I could go on and on, but I hope you get the point. Each time you spin this CD it will feel like the first time. If that doesn’t create a paradox than I Google’d the wrong definition.